30 AMP Surge Guard Protector


Product Code: K71-8584
  • This protector is ideal for ensuring the electrical safety of your recreational vehicle (RV) during your adventures. Consider adding it to your equipment for extra peace of mind.

    • Continuous Monitoring: This surge protector continuously monitors electricity and shuts off power when equipment leakage faults occur.
    • Manual Reset: After a fault, it requires manual reset.
    • 8mA Trip Level: It trips at an 8mA current level.
    • Easy-T-Pull™ Handles: The thickened brass receptacle reduces heat, and the Easy-T-Grip™ handle with an integrated plug makes handling easy.
    • Complete Protection: It identifies park power failures, provides 2100 joules of surge protection, and analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power.
    • Fault Indicator: LED lights indicate power status.