Fire extinguisher Reinoldmax 750ml


Product Code: REI750SUP20
  • The HERO 911 (Reinoldmax) 750 ml 20th anniversary fire extinguisher offers maximum fire protection thanks to its formula that has been proven to be effective for more than 20 years (classes 3A/21B/C/K). Its unique carry handle and innovative trigger offer quick and easy operation, hassle-free and mess-free, and an easy-to-install black bracket. Simple spraying of the eco-friendly, non-toxic AFFF foam extinguishing agent provides control over and extinguish fires quickly. It is ideal for fighting all types of home fires, both indoors and outdoors. This product is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and has an effective lifespan of 5 years. Not available for stores in Alberta and Nova Scotia.

  • Rate: 3 A 21B C K, A.F.F.F. type extintor foam
    Fights the following types of fires: flammable solids, flammable liquids, energized electrical appliances up to 1000 V, cooking fires
    Reusable, can extinguish multiple incipient fires at once
    Easy and quick to use, lightweight and convenient
    Perfect for barbecue fires, stove fires and all types of home fires

    Easy to clean, no maintenance
    Safe for health and the environment
    The contact of the foam on the skin is harmless
    Foam spray won't stain or damage equipment