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Product Code: A058U967
  • The Onan P9500df Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a versatile power solution designed to go wherever you need it. Here are some key features:

    1. Dual Fuel Capability: This generator runs on both gasoline and propane (LPG). You can easily switch between the two fuels using a switch. This flexibility allows you to choose the most convenient and available fuel source for your needs.
    2. Power Output: The Onan P9500df produces 9500 peak watts and 7500 running watts when using gasoline. It’s suitable for various applications, including camping, job sites, and home backup during power outages.
    3. Engine: The generator is equipped with a dependable 13 HP 420cc OHV 4-stroke engine. This engine ensures reliable performance and durability.
    4. Runtime: With a 6.6-gallon fuel capacity, you can expect approximately 16 hours of runtime on gasoline and 8 hours on propane at 25% load (using a standard 20 lb. propane tank).
    5. Start Options: The Onan P9500df features push-button and remote start options, along with a pull cord backup for added convenience.
    6. VFT Data Center: The generator’s VFT (Volts, Frequency, and Lifetime Hours) Data Center displays essential information, including voltage, frequency, and total runtime hours.
    7. AC Outlets: It has one 120/240V 30A outlet and two Duplex 120V 20A GFCI outlets for connecting various devices and appliances.

    Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or preparing for unexpected power disruptions at home, the Onan P9500df Dual Fuel Portable Generator provides reliable and efficient power to keep you going.