Water Blade 12”


Product Code: K71-5394
  • The Water Blade features a soft, 12 Inch non-scratch silicone blade that is designed to safely remove water from almost any surface. The hand held Water Blade conforms to surface contours, which significantly helps reduce the time and effort it takes to remove liquids from surfaces. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and operate. It also features tapered sides and a gentle silicone blade that won't scratch surfaces making it safe for all paint finishes, fiberglass, windows and more. The Water Blade is great for cars, trucks, vans, RV's, boats, house windows, shower doors and other surfaces around the home.

    • Dries Your Vehicle In One-Third Of The Time
    • Patented T-Bar Edge Quickly Whisks Away Water
    • Soft Silicone Blade Will Not Scratch Painted Surfaces
    • Flexible Blade Molds To The Shape Of The Surface
    • 15 Times Less Friction Than Terrycloth And Microfiber Towels
    • Hundreds Of Uses Around Home And Shop
    • Ergonomic Design Makes It Easy To Hold And Operate
    • Safe For All Paint Finishes, Fiberglass, Windows And More