Winter Cargo Trailer Cover (Toy Hauler)


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Product Code: HHTH
  • The winter cover for a toy hauler cargo trailer is designed to protect your recreational vehicle during the cold months. Here are the important features of this cover:

    1. Tear, UV, and Water Resistance: The cover material is designed to withstand outdoor elements, safeguarding your cargo trailer from tears, UV rays, and moisture.
    2. Durable Fabric: The cover is made from robust fabric that provides strong protection against inclement weather.
    3. Gutter Bead Protectors: These protectors prevent water from seeping under the cover at the gutter level.
    4. Additional Adhesive Reinforcement Material: This material reinforces sensitive areas of the cover, ensuring better durability.
    5. Weighted Loop for Easy Installation: The weighted loop makes it easy to put the cover on your cargo trailer.
    6. Zipper for Side or Rear Access Without Removing the Cover: You can access the interior of your cargo trailer without fully removing the cover.

    If you’re looking to purchase a winter cover for your cargo trailer, you can explore the available options at Roulottes Rémillard. They offer covers suitable for different cargo trailer sizes, ranging from 24’1" to 37’. However, please note that this product does not qualify for free delivery. Be sure to choose the appropriate size for your recreational vehicle and enjoy the protection provided by this cover during the winter months.